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Owl Vision is a digital agency for virtual, mixed and augmented application development. We assist companies in order to improve their results thanks to the use of these new technologies.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is the way for the user to perceive an artificial world which looks like the real world and to give to this user the possibility to easily interact with this world.

Mixed reality

Mixed reality is the fusion between virtual and augmented reality where real and virtual are working together to remove the frontier between the two.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. Unlike virtual reality, which creates a totally artificial environment, augmented reality uses the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it.

owl circle

Owl Circle is a mobile virtual reality application which allows you to connect a virtual reality headset on a indoor sport bike to enjoy immersive content.

Discover our team

Quentin Warnant

Chief Executive Officer

Anne Lucie Domange Viscardi

Communication & Creativity Consultant

Hervé Dumont

Visual & Graphic Consultant

Loïc Bernery

Software content writer

Jeremie Segura

3D developer


Our services

Study and design

You heard something about virtual and augmented reality and you want to use these technologies in your own activity? We imagine the application which is able to help you to improve your company productivity.


We develop virtual, mixed and augmented applications compatible with all platforms and headsets available on the market. We ensure to propose technical solutions that fit the best to your needs and your budget.


You have virtual reality headsets and you want to help to use this new technology? Contact us to plan your accompanying.


You want to set up a virtual or augmented reality project and you need a technical support to design it the best? We give you our expertise to the realization of your project.

Our portfolio

Discover our virtual reality applications made for our first customers or for demonstration purpose.

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Cardboard Space Viewer

Mobile virtual reality

Cardboard Explorer

Mobile virtual reality

Cardboard Demo for I/O 2015

Mobile virtual reality

BBraun Roller Coaster

Mobile virtual reality

Our community

To create a community around the virtual and augmented reality in the North of France is one of our main goal at Owl Vision/Virtulify. That is why we have found the Lille Virtual Reality. The LilleVR is a French community group created on the Meetup.com platform which allows you to unite people around a subject and a location: in our case, this is Lille and the virtual reality. The main purpose of this group is allowing all people interested in virtual and augmented reality technology to meet and to talk about this subject as developer or vr enthusiast.






Meeting hours

The registration and the entrance are free

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Nos partenaires


The OSVR is a virtual reality platform which develops software and an open source VR headset. We are officially partner of the project.

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The Homido is a mobile virtual reality headset built in Lille.

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Nod Labs

The Nod is a connected and wearable ring which is used for interaction with virtual reality simulations.

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Pictanovo is an agency which supports creative and image-related projects in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais in France. They organize the Challenge Jeunes Talents where we have been finalist in 2015.

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Plaine Images

The Plaine Images is an economic excellence site devoted to numeric pictures and creative industries

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CARDBOARD-KIT V2 is a complete package which allows you to transform your phone into a great immersion tool without a lot of money !

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Contact us

You want to set up a new virtual reality project or you need our expertise ? Contact us !

Our office

Address : Plaine Images, 99A Boulevard Constantin Descat, 59200 Tourcoing, France

Phone: (+33) 7 77 72 11 71

Mail: contact@owl-vision.fr

Monday - Friday : 9:00AM - 5:30PM

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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